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Lafayette Charter Foundation

A nonprofit foundation, led by a volunteer (unpaid) board of trustees of community leaders, has been established specifically for the purpose of opening a high-performing public charter school of choice, implementing the highest-tech teaching tools available (i.e. 1 to 1 computer program for students, electronic textbooks, online learning tools, and "blended" learning components through virtual classes for remediation and advanced courses).

The vision of the Lafayette Charter Foundation, Inc. (the “Foundation”) is to create a K-12 education system in partnership with the Lafayette Parish School Board to serve as a powerful platform for change by establishing Lafayette Renaissance Academy, a school of choice in Lafayette Parish that will instill academic rigor, along with character and leadership development for a diverse student population, to ensure that every child realizes their academic and personal potential. The Foundation has selected Charter SchoolsUSA (“CSUSA”) as its partner and education service provider to help it realize this shared vision.

The administrators, teachers, parents, students, and governing board of Lafayette Renaissance Academy are guided by the academic philosophy that all children can learn, become self‐motivated life‐long learners, function as responsible citizens, and actualize their potential as productive members of the local and global societies and the 21st century workforce. The mission of Lafayette Renaissance Academy is to create a learning environment that integrates a research‐based curriculum, technology, a culture of student safety and success, and concentration on academic rigor while focusing on citizenship and experimental learning through community engagement. This is to ensure students from all socioeconomic levels reach academic and personal potential and are prepared to enter, compete, and succeed in secondary and postsecondary educational opportunities and careers of choice.

At present, there are no start up public charters in Lafayette or surrounding parishes and the community desires an opportunity to have more control of educational outcomes for their children. The goal of Lafayette Renaissance Academy is not only to provide a much needed public school choice for the community, but also to extend educational innovation across the community by partnering with Lafayette Parish Public Schools System to raise academic achievement for all children, particularly those students who are traditionally underserved (i.e. minority children and children of poverty).

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What is a charter school?

Charter schools are tuition-free, publicly funded, privately managed schools. They are public schools open to any student who resides in the school district in which the charter school is located.

Who is Charter Schools USA?

Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) is a leading education company that offers alternatives for parents and students and places the highest priority on providing a better education. CSUSA designs, develops and operates high performing public schools serving grades PreK through 12. Charter Schools USA is committed to student achievement supported by sound business practices providing a choice for communities, parents, students and professionals that fosters educational excellence.

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